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           Jeffrey Reese, a writer of the outdoors, is sent by his magazine to report on the reintroduction of wolves into the Bitterroot
    Mountains of Montana and Idaho only to find that the wolves’ greatest struggle is with man’s prejudice and hatred. Through his
    contact with wolves, Reese is drawn physically and emotionally into the mystique of creatures with human-like emotions

           Happenstance brings Reese into the lives of Lakota, an immensely intelligent beta wolf, Jacy Cayuse, a Nez Perce youth
    infatuated with wolves, and Elizabeth Dalton, the alluring daughter of a wolf-hater. Reese, with a painful history of his own, helps
    Lakota recover from a tragic event, but it is Lakota’s brother Bartok who becomes the hero with the strength and spirit that is the
    embodiment of his kind.  

           Lakota’s triumph is only the beginning of a tale that belies the misconceptions of wolf behavior. The travails of wolves
    intertwine with the conflicts of the human characters as Reese attempts to overcome the heartbreak of his past and learns to live and
    love anew.

           With unflagging devotion for each other, the wolves of the pack will pad into the reader’s heart. Anoki, the baby-sitter, will
    break it; then Dyami, the alpha female, will mend it. The co-adventures of Nitika, a strong-willed hybrid, and Yuma, the disperser son
    of the powerful Bartok, will intrigue. The intelligence and friendliness of Lakota will make him your favorite – until you know the
    impetuous Yuma. Their stories will merge into an unforgettable tale of triumph from tragedy, told with no exaggeration of the wolf’s
    capacity for emotional capabilities so akin to our own.

           Cry Wolf, Cry is a story about people; it is a story about wolves. It is a tale about heartbreak and glory, about hate and love; it is
    a chronicle of the sadness and happiness of life itself.

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                                                                        REVIEW AND QUOTES

    "The poignancy of the wolf's plight, which comes across clearly, is one of the best aspects of this work. The author
    deftly conveys the human-like emotional connection between the wolves and the sheer wretchedness of their situation.
    The author does a fabulous job of getting into the minds of the characters, be they wolf spirits, the wolves themselves,
    or humans. The setting is very realistic and the story has a nice even flow and competent style, making for an
    enjoyable read. I think this writer has considerable skill with words and it was a pleasure to read them."
                                                                                                               Amazon Breakthrough Novel Professional Reviewer

    “This book is a love story filled with both joy and sadness as people bear witness to what freedom in the wild means
    to these beautiful animals.”  
                                                                                                        Paul Di Corcia - Point Pleasant, New Jersey

    “As the tears gathered towards my chin, I realized I was only on the fifth page. At that moment, it became clear that
    this would be an intense ride.”
                                                                                                                  Jacqueline Merriweather - New York

    “With each turn of the page you're not fully prepared for the emotional, often times, unrelenting roller-coaster ride
    you're about to be taken on.”
                                                                                                                    Gary C. Garski - Phoenix, Arizona

    Since receiving this wonderful novel and I began to read, I was lost for five hours, and could not put the novel down.
    When I finished reading, I missed the characters that became a part of me, so I started to read the story again.”
                                                                                                Christina M. Stefurak – Victoria, Australia

    “R.M. Cera both entertains and educates the reader. I found myself reaching for the tissues as I came to know each
    of the characters and their stories.”   
                                                                                             Debra Gaynor, Reviewer “ReviewYourBook.com    

    “Mr. Cera brilliantly links man to his age-old neighbor by using a familiar conduit, the dog. What better way to
    understand the wolf than through a common friend? Similarly, the author helps us make the connection by showing us
    love, fear, anger, jealousy, and compassion in our own human existence juxtaposed to that of the wolf.”
                                                                                                 Michael J. Wright - Kenilworth, New Jersey

    “Once you pick this book up, you will not want to put it back down until you are finished. This is an amazing well-
    written descriptive story that definitely gives you an understanding of wolves.  
                                                                                                                Lisa M. Hendrix – Elwood, Indiana      

    "Mr. Cera's emotionally moving portrayal of the family interrelationships among wolves and the major survival
    challenges they continuously face has significantly deepened my understanding and appreciation of them and has
    helped me to view the world more clearly through their eyes."
                                                                                                          George M. Shears - Cotton, Minnesota

    “Kudos to Mr. Cera for writing a heartwarming, beautifully descriptive novel about the plight of the wolf and the
    travails of people. It was educational as well as a great read, and now I will think of the wolf and myself in a totally
    new light.”      
                                                                                                         Mary Marra – Ortley Beach, New Jersey
    “Russell M. Cera’s knowledge of subjects, both lupine and human resulted in a reading masterpiece; the reader will
    exercise his emotions from tears of sadness to those of joy."  
                                                                                                                   Jeffrey Lyon – Hope, New Jersey

    "What a wonderful treat to read what is really more than fiction about wolves and the emotions they stir among
    thousands of years of human coexistence. This book is a saga that will  introduce more humans to the strife of the
    wolf (and the Native American Indians). It would make an excellent full length movie more so for Cera's thorough
    research than Peter Benchley's Jaws or Farley Mowat's Never Cry Wolf.
    This work illustrates expertise in planning the story line, choice of characters and how Cera brings them to life."
                                                                                                         Michael Vancil - Morgan Hill, California

    "Being an animal caretaker and educator at a wolf preserve for 12 years, I have witnessed the social structures,
    loyalties and antics first hand that Russell M. Cera's book so accurately depicts. Hopefully more people will read this
    book and get a true understanding about their life and struggles to survive."                                                 
                                                                                       Becky Mace - Lakota Wolf Preserve, Columbia, NJ  

    "I absolutely loved Cry Wolf, Cry so much that I cannot believe it is fiction. Everything that takes place portrays
    perfectly how much wolves are misunderstood. It felt as if I were connected to each wolf in the pack. They were no
    longer the statistics of my studies, but became realities as I read. The novel has a perfect balance of looking into the
    lives of wolves, but at the same time showing the struggles that some people face as well. We learn much about
    wolves, yet still have the drama, intrigue and romance that takes place in people's everyday lives. This is one of the
    best novels that I have ever read."                                                                                       
                                                                                       K. Tuthill - Biology Studies in Animal Behavior - NY

    "I am caregiver to 24 wolves. Their family values are so much the same as ours and their hierarchy is a given. Russell
    Cera's research was accurately phenomenal. It is a story of both love and compassion with two species, man and wolf,
    that fight to protect all they believe in, and that is FAMILY. Thank you Russell for giving me a reason to fight harder
    for these misunderstood creatures."  
                                                                           Kathy Baudendistel - Wolf Creek Habitat Brookville, Indiana

    "Mr. Cera has managed to write a novel that transcends the epic battle of the survival of wolves. It depicts the human
    frailties pervasive in our society that range from lack of knowledge to prejudices that compromise the true human
    spirit. A MUST READ."
                                                                                               Manny DaSilva   New Bern, North Carolina

    "Mr. Cera, does a marvelous job of educating readers in a way they don't know they are being taught. A wonderful
    tale that vividly comes to life."
                                                                                   Thomas Hannon, Author - Long Island Easy Writers
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                     About the book:

Unlike all other works of fiction, Russell M. Cera’s gripping
outdoor adventure novel offers a unique look into the
true nature of the gray wolf.

In Cry Wolf, Cry, the worlds of wolves and people collide against the
backdrop of Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains to tender a touching story
of relationships both human and  lupine.

It is a story about wolves. It is a story about people. It is a tale about
the heartbreak of tragedy and the thrill of triumph, about love and hate.
It is a chronicle of the sadness and joy of life itself.