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Estimates indicate there are 525 million dogs living in the world
today. In the United States alone, adoring people own 78 million
dogs of which there are 340 recognized breeds. Along with these
astounding statistics often comes the question of how this all
came to be; where and when did this begin to happen?

As Comes Man - Arrives the Dog, Russell M. Cera has written
a graphic narrative of how humans and wolves began a
momentous relationship. Mr. Cera transports you back into the
pristine world of our prehistoric ancestors to witness the initial
bonding of Man and wolf. The reader becomes audience to the
remarkable evolution of both.

You will hear the lore of the ancient people's connection to the
gray wolf. You will see the transformation of a Neanderthal-like
creature into a man. You will observe the conversion of the wolf
into the beginnings of the beloved dog. You will feel Man's
exhilaration and the animals comfort to the first touch of a
human hand to lupine fur.

The author's story is fraught with trepidation, perilous
adventure and heartbreak, but all are overcome by indomitable
courage, glory and ultimate joy. It is a chronicle about the
sadness and happiness of men and wolves in their arduous
journeys through life.  
As Comes Man - Arrives the Dog is a
sensitive account and spellbinding tale of how the chance
connection between Man and wolf would impact the two distinct
species and ultimately alter both in their transcendence into the
modern world.
Top customer reviews

Paul Di Corcia
5.0 out of 5 stars If you're an animal lover, THIS IS A MUST READ!
December 17, 2017
Verified Purchase

I first read one of Russell Cera's books several years ago, and was very impressed. That book was Cry Wolf, Cry and I was amazed at how
this man managed to give voices to this pack of Wolves. I was hoping that he would do this again. And my wish, finally came through.
As an owner of 5 dogs, 3 German Shepherds, a Golden and a Labrador Retriever and knowing full well that all dogs are descended from
Wolves, I was blown away by this book. Once again, the wolves were given voices, and this time there were our pre-historic ancestors who
also were given voices.

This man has a vivid imagination, and you quickly settle down listening to our far distant relatives as they for the very first time manage to
domesticate a wolf - to become the creature that now brings such warmth and comfort to our homes.
Kudos Mr Cera, you have done it again!!

Grace M. Protano
5.0 out of 5 stars  You will learn and be entertained.
December 4, 2017

"Another winner for Russell M. Cera!! There are countless books on cavemen, but this one is enjoyable to ANY reader who likes books that
teach and are well-written.  I will evermore look at my cockapoo and think, "you are my cuddly wolf." Great story. Great author. Bravo Russell.